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Play squash in Herefordshire

Why try squash?

  • Squash is all about enjoying your time on court, regardless of your age or ability
  • You'll be given some beginner-friendly activities to help you get used to hitting the ball. And if you miss, laugh it off and try again!
  • It's played indoors which means you'll stay dry
  • Squash provides a relaxed setting to make new friends
  • You can rock up solo or bring a friend to the session
  • It's a great activity to relieve stress. There's nothing like hitting a ball against a wall to forget about your worries
  • Most squash sessions are around 40-45 minutes, making it a quick, but fun, workout
  • It's a really enjoyable way to exercise, so if the gym or running isn't for you, squash is a great way to move your body
  • We're a super welcoming community and always ready to welcome new players with open arms

Fancy giving it a go?

Come along to Hereford Squash, Tennis and Racketball Centre, , just drop in. Bring a friend, partner, or family, everybody's welcome. You'll just need suitable court shoes with clean, non-marking soles. We can provide rackets, balls, goggles for under 16s. Coaching is available on a one-to-one basis or group sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays; junior coaching in groups is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Food and refreshments available in the bar after you've finished.

County Junior Championships

The Herefordshire County Junior Championships for 2016 were held at Hereford Squash, Tennis and Racketball Centre. There is now a thriving junior section at Hereford Squash, Tennis and Racketball Centre and it is hoped that a further Junior Championship will be held in the near future.

Where to play

Herefordshire is a largely rural county with population centres in the city of Hereford and market towns of Leominster, Ledbury and Ross. Squash facilities in the county are limited to these towns.

The largest club in the county is Herefordshire Squash, Tennis and Racketball Centre in Hereford. Other venues are at the Halo Leisure Centres in Hereford and Ledbury, and on the border with Powys at Presteigne.

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sunrise over Herefordshire in September

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There is a county league with teams from Hereford, Monmouth and Presteigne. Teams from Herefordshire Squash, Tennis and Racketball Centrealso compete in the county league of the neighbouring county of Worcestershire.

Dr J Cox against C. Reynolds County Championship 1979

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We currently have no teams in any inter-county event. Anyone interested in running a team should contact Terry Prosser or Len Granger via the contact page.

Three wooden rackets, one with racket press

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Junior coaching is held at Herefordshire Squash, Tennis and Racketball Centre on Thursday afternoon/evenings and is open to non-members. Coaches are also available at Presteigne.

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(Squash 57)

Racketball (Squash 57) can be played at any of the venues that support squash, rackets are available for hire. There is not, currently, a county league.


Mark Chamberlain has compiled a history of squash in Herefordshire and extracts from his book are reproduced here. contact Mark if you would like a full copy.

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